Discipleship and Spiritual Deliverance

This manual deals with the reality of the struggle “believers” may sometimes have with evil spirits. Spiritual Deliverance is not so much an issue of spiritual warfare, as it is one of discipleship. If there is a spiritual barrier in a believer’s life, it is not because they are actually bound, for Christ has already set him or her completely free. It is there because they are deceived into picking up the very chains that Christ has broken and continue to hold them firmly. The presence of evil spirits then, are merely the red warning light that there is a deeper lie or sin being embraced by the person that needs to addressed. Believers are only in bondage to the degree they reject God’s truth and allow the lie and potentially, evil spirit influence, into their lives. Unfortunately, many believers in this state are unaware of the issues in their lives that create that bondage.

Spiritual deliverance then, becomes a discipleship issue as we help them:

  1. understand the lies/sins in their lives that create a barrier in their joy with God and invite evil spirit influence
  2. walk through repentance and renounce any holds on their life
  3. intellectually, emotionally and spiritually embrace God’s truth that will set them free

NOTE: There is a 6 week introductory series on spiritual warfare is Phase 3 of the curriculum.

Disclaimer: There are many differing perspectives on spiritual deliverance. What we offer here is simply our biblical research and experience in helping people walk in freedom and joy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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(New Version January 2018)

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