• Content DOES NOT create disciples. Disciples make disciples as they walk along side them showing them how to live out the Christ-life.  However, disciples do need certain knowledge (truth) to be effective. The studies here are designed to cover what we believe are some of the key issues a disciple needs to grapple with.
  • Covering a topic in one study does not necessarily embed that principle in a person’s life. These topics need to be continually reinforced from the pulpit or other venues of teaching.
  • True discipleship requires life-changing experiences with Jesus and his family where faith is stretched and people are engaged in ministry. Each church will need to create a strategy to engage people to embrace mission and use the spiritual gifts God has given them.
  • Any church could create the materials presented here. I don’t say this with false humility, I mean it.  The problem is having the time to do so.  If you simply use this curriculum as a starting point and then custom design your own curriculum – wonderful!
  • Every curriculum obviously has a theological slant. At any point, if your ministry has a different teaching emphases, then simply create your own study for that session. All we ask is that it not have the Strategic Discipleship label for those sessions.
  • Non-North American Ethnic Groups: These studies are designed with the expectation that the students will raise questions as they work through what they believe.  If you are in a culture where it is disrespectful for the students to question the teachings presented by the pastor, then it may be beneficial to have someone other than the pastor lead the discussion.