In my Strategic Discipleship group experience, I’ve learned to stop believing lies about who I am and that God loves me regardless of my performance. I now consciously aim not to be swayed by people’s expectations, instead believing that God greatly values me, the image-of-God he created.


PhD Student in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)

My first Strategic Discipleship group truly changed my life. I was new to church and was learning from the sermons, but it was the knowledge gained in my head and heart from the teacher and my new friends that helped me become and grow as a new believer.


Hospital Director of Finance and Corporate Services

I am going into the 5th year of a Strategic Discipleship group and the impact has been amazing. I have been blessed by being challenged to think along lines that needed changing and that have impacted my life in huge ways. I have connected with our church in relationships and service, and best of all I have grown in my relationship with God. The Strategic Discipleship group has been a beautiful experience for me.


Wife and Mother

The Strategic Discipleship process helped me to form deep, meaningful, Christ-focused friendships. We hold each other accountable, lovingly come alongside each other for support in times of need and help each other grow. It is in community that we grow in Christ.



I started writing out the scriptures mentioned in the Strategic Discipleship sessions once during the day and again at bedtime. It is changing my thinking and I see my lifestyle changing accordingly.


Hospital Patient Attendant