Where are you leading people and why? What are you really wanting to accomplish through your teaching? Is the sum total of all your teaching time resulting in merely more educated students of the Bible? Is that really what Jesus called us to do?

After three years of being with Jesus, his students were ready to plant churches and lead others. I have spent many years teaching with a right heart, but it did not necessarily result in people being prepared or motivated to take Christ into the world. I have since determined that whatever I do, it must have the end result of true discipleship. The measurement being, that people start assuming responsibility for the spiritual growth of others and intentionally build the church of Christ.

I want to encourage you as you teach to keep your real objective in mind.
How are you going to really disciple people so that they become competent leaders? Could you with confidence leave your ministry into the hands of those you trained? Are you training someone else to teach as you go, or are you keeping the teaching limelight for yourself?
Is the kingdom expanding due to your teaching influence?

I lose focus very easily of what is truly important and what counts in the big picture. Let’s encourage each other to stay focused and make the remaining years of our lives count for something lasting. Build kingdom leaders.