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I’ve always struggled with the teaching I’ve heard in sermons, books and seminars on the topic of forgiveness. The teaching goes something like, “You need to always forgive others, and in so doing, you will set yourself free from the wounds of the past. It doesn’t matter what the other person thinks or does – Christians are to forgive.”

 It never fully made sense to me. There always seemed to be something missing – both theologically and practically. Is forgiveness really about “me?” Is it forgiveness that sets me free or something else altogether? Is there another issue that needs to be addressed first in my relationship with God that takes a higher priority over forgiveness? Is it possible to forgive someone but still remain trapped in the past?

It’s not that the current teaching on forgiveness is wrong – I just believe it is very incomplete on some very serious levels. After twenty-five years of pondering this topic, I’ve decided to put my thoughts down on paper. This book is written for those who are struggling with relational wounds from the past, or for pastors and counselors who are trying to help others navigate toward relational health and healing. More importantly, it is written to help you have a deeper, unhindered walk with God as you learn to trust him with your relationships.

Every church disciples people in some way, the question is, are you doing it



Strategic Discipleship provides churches with free discipleship curriculum to help people mature to the point where they assume responsibility for the spiritual growth of others.


Strategic Discipleship 

is pleased to offer 4 phases of discipleship curriculum

free of charge.

The curriculum covers many of the topics we believe are important to be taught in the discipleship process.

Not only are small group questions provided, but also comprehensive Teacher Notes to help the teacher fully understand the principles being explored.

The best part – it’s FREE!

For ministries that do not want the hassle of printing the documents each week,

or for those who simply enjoy having a printed book in their hands,

published manuals are available for purchase.

“We have continued to have our Strategic Discipleship small groups through the pandemic and have just switched to meeting on Zoom. The material actually does well on Zoom and our people have been able to see each other and learn together.” 

Pastor Tim

BC, Canada



Questions to evoke discussion within a small group.

The first letter to the Corinthians contains a variety of topics from church unity, lawsuits, sexual immorality, church discipline, worship, marriage and divorce, spiritual gifts, to the return of Christ…and many more.

It doesn’t shy away from challenging issues relevant to our churches today.

It’s an excellent bible book to study as a small group – guaranteed to raise lots of active discussions.



Developing small group leaders in a ministry setting can be challenging. They always seem to be in short supply. This will always be the case unless you have an intentional and strategic plan to be constantly investing in new people to help them evenutally fulfill these roles.

Every small group could ideally use two types of leaders: one who can teach well, and one who can shepherd and relationally care for the group. This usually requires two different people with different giftings.

Whether or not you utilize both these roles, this manual is designed to help you apprentice potential future leaders for your small groups. 

You will want a book for each apprentice and mentor.