Rob Laidlaw

Rob Laidlaw



Strategic Discipleship Ministries is dedicated to helping churches “intentionally and strategically” disciple believers to have kingdom impact. We understand that we are not just called to be a loving family, but a loving family on a mission that requires every believer to stand up to the call.

The journey began for us as we started a church plant in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (LifeBridge Community Church) and had many people attending who had no previous church experience. This was exciting, yet it raised significant leadership challenges for a new, small congregation. We knew we had to develop mature, spiritual leadership quickly or we would implode. The problem was, you can’t develop spiritual maturity and leadership quickly – it takes time and experiences. However, the journey had to begin.

The result was the development of a curriculum that we would use in a small group setting to help equip our people for the life mission to which Jesus called them. This curriculum is the “content” component of our discipleship process. True discipleship however, requires more than just content. It requires that churches give people opportunity to serve, mentorship and mission experiences. It is the process of walking with people through life showing them how to live the Christ-life.

Because this is our PASSION, we are offering the discipleship curriculum we’ve created for FREE.
We simply want churches to effectively make disciples who will embrace mission.

We humbly acknowledge that what we’ve created here, any teacher could easily create and most likely do a better job. However, we know the time pressures and the hours it takes to develop such a curriculum (boy, do we know the hours). If churches can use this material as a launching point, or if it simply spurs them on to create their own, wonderful!

All I will personally say is, after over a dozen years of leading small groups in the traditional format and now experiencing the fruit of an intentional & strategic growth process – we will never turn back!